9 cleaning tips from hotel housekeeper

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When we stay in hotels, we often feel clean. neatness of those accommodations This is due in part to having a housekeeper who is an expert in cleaning which is both fast and efficient. and effective They have many tips for cleaning the house. And we should bring it back, which will help clean the house quickly and easily. Here are some hotel cleaning tricks. that you should try using

Hotel cleaning housekeeper tips that should be used at home

1. Start by clearing things first.  

Before starting cleaning, clear out the items in the room so that it has an empty state. Bring various things Including bed sheets, towels and other items. Leftovers in the bathroom: bath mats, bottles, and anything else on the counter or toilet tank. This is because they eliminate the hassle of wiping around. These things โปรโมชั่น ufabet

2. Use appropriate cleaning cloths. 

The secret to effectively wiping away dust is to use the right wipes. “Microfiber is the best. If you don’t have one, use 100% cotton, such as a clean diaper, an old pillowcase, or an old t-shirt. and slightly moistened with water Remember to avoid using polyester towels. Because it may create more dust.

3. The secret to making the bed quickly is to look at the sign. 

The tag is located in the left corner of the bed for king size sheets. And in the right corner is the queen size bedsheet. It is also recommended to mark the inside seam with a fabric marker to indicate the left or right corner.

4. Use a hand towel to hit the curtains hard. 

Tips for cleaning curtains between deep cleanings That is, use a hand towel to hit hard. To remove dust that is stuck. Dust particles will continue to circulate in the room over time. Therefore, batting the curtains with a hand towel is the best way to remove dust. This size hand towel is heavy enough to create a nice cushioning effect. But it’s light enough that your arms won’t get tired. Using a vacuum cleaner head for curtains may not be able to reach deep corners as thoroughly as using a hand towel. Beat all the dust off the floor and then vacuum it up.

5. The bathroom should be cleaned last. 

It’s best to clean the bathroom last. Start in the bedroom to reduce the spread of bacteria. The reason is that bathrooms often harbor bacteria and germs. If you clean the bathroom before the rest of the house, these germs can spread to other parts of the house. Cleaning the bathroom last helps prevent the spread of germs.

6. You should allow the cleaning product to do its job. 

Spray on the shower wall. and toilet bowl and leave it to act for several minutes. Meanwhile, take the time to clean mirrors, windows, medicine cabinets, and anything else in the room. Then go back and wash the surface using less pressure.

7.Vacuum the dust into the room above the area with frequent foot traffic. 

Your mother may have taught you to start at the farthest part of the room and slowly vacuum away, but we recommend that you vacuum into a room above a high-traffic area and slowly vacuum away the dust. This will cause you to drill. The point where I walked the most two times.

8.Vinegar and water are the best help for cleaning. 

It cleans well and even removes grime from stains left by other cleaning products. To do this, mix one part vinegar with three parts water in a spray bottle.

9. Carry an old toothbrush on hand. 

It is considered an important piece of cleaning equipment. Because it is suitable for cleaning in hard to reach areas.