A total of 5 techniques to tighten pores

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A total of 5 techniques to tighten pores.

One of the skin problems that bother people of all ages. Probably inevitable with large pores. which can be regarded as the root cause of skin problems and increase the chances of acne as well And of course, no one wants to have acne, pitted skin. Which later those acne will leave a reddish mark as a souvenir. The most direct way to solve the problem is to make the pores smaller. Lovely Eye Clinic has therefore gathered 5 methods to tighten pores. That can actually done, focusing on results and starting. Content that can be deposited together.

What do large pores look like?

           Enlarged pores are a common thing. It is characterized by skin with larger pores than normal. Makes the skin look smooth and especially rough Areas most likely to have large pores are the cheeks, forehead, nose and the area above the lips. 

           There are many factors that cause enlarged pores. without being able to be completely cured But can tighten the size of the pores. to increase the smoothness of the skin and reduce the chances of acne Because large pores are the main cause of acne. and many other skin problems

Factors that make our pores wider

           as mentioned above There are many factors that cause large pores on the face, including genetic factors. or facial skin care If you need to solve the problem of pores The first thing that should be understood is the cause or factors that stimulate large pores. Are there any factors that directly affect the hair follicles? Let’s follow along as follows at ufabet https://ufabet999.com


           Studies have found that in families that have problems with large pores, This will cause the next generation or children to have similar skin problems. And another case that was found to be a factor in the occurrence of large pores was race. There were studies that found that Brazilian women tend to have larger pores than Chinese women, for example. 

           Therefore, it is not surprising that some people take good care of their skin. Nourish your skin by taking vitamins. But still has a large pore size. The cause may be genetics that has passed on the problem of large pores from generation to generation.


           Hormone levels are also a decisive factor. This is especially true for middle-aged women with low estrogen levels. This causes the sebaceous glands to expand, resulting in larger pores than before. Of course, the more sebaceous glands work more than necessary. With wider pores Causing more cleaning to be done To reduce the risk of acne 

Acne problems

           Who likes to press acne? Or squeeze acne to know that large pores will be the next problem you have to deal with. Because pressing acne will cause skin scars. and enlarged pores as well If you don’t take care of it Or keeping it clean may cause recurring acne cycles, large pores and other skin complications. 

Behaviors that adversely affect the skin

           Behaviors that destroy the health of the skin, such as not removing makeup completely, staying up late, not applying sunscreen, or picking, peeling, and scratching your face without cleaning your hands. These behaviors pave the way for large pores to form without you realizing it. 

eating foods that are high in fat

           Many people may not know that diet also affects the pores on the face. The more foods that are high in fat Or snacks are not useful. All affect the skin problems on the face. If possible, you should cut down on foods that are not healthy for your body. And focus on eating fresh vegetables, fruits or protein from fish. This will greatly reduce the size of the pores.