How to treat hormonal acne? To see results, no more worries about acne

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How to treat hormonal acne? To see results, no more worries about acne, revealing smooth, clear skin.

 “Hormonal acne” is something that no one wants to happen on their face. It is a problem that bothers both men and women, especially young people. Who are undergoing changes or girls who are about to menstruate will appear on the face. inevitably There are also other factors that trigger. This article will discuss the causes. For the treatment of at the point and stop the hormonal acne cycle Make your face smooth and clear. restore confidence.

Get to know hormonal acne

           Hormonal acne is caused by hormones stimulating oil production. As a result, the sebaceous glands produce more oil from the pores. and when combined with dirt, bacteria until clogging occurs eventually become looks like inflammatory acne. large red bumps It usually occurs around the mouth, face frame, chin, or may spread all over the face in some people.

Causes of hormonal acne

           The occurrence of The main cause is an unbalanced amount of hormones in the body. It can happen to all genders and all ages. It is most often found in teenagers. But there are also other factors that contribute to as well, as follows at

hormonal changes in the body

When entering adolescence The body will produce more testosterone. These hormones are androgens and testosterone. (Testosterone) that exists in both males and females. Both of these hormones will stimulate the function of the sebaceous glands to produce more fat than usual. As a result, it becomes excess fat.

          In addition to menstruating females There are other reasons that can cause hormonal fluctuations, such as stopping taking the pill, getting pregnant, starting menopause. These hormonal changes It is the cause of major hormonal acne. 

defective genetics

If parents have There is a very high chance that your child will also have hormonal acne. Because hormonal acne can be inherited genetically. This is because there is a gene that involves a large amount of impaired sebum or oil production on the skin. It causes obstruction and is a breeding ground for bacteria.

The cause of hormonal acne is genetic. are more difficult to treat than other causes It takes patience and time to heal. because there is no treatment to be able to change genes But with the current technology and procedures that help in the treatment. with good and fast results It can be cured when your doctor’s advice is followed.

stress and state of mind

Stress may seem like an irrational cause of hormonal acne. But did you know? Stress causes the body to produce hormones that affect the production of sebum in the sebaceous glands. And stress is the starting point for many things. Causes of hormonal acne Whether it’s insufficient rest or a malfunction of the digestive system.

not enough rest

Not enough rest In addition to making the body tired It also results in the circulation of blood and lymph not being fully functional. It is an important cause. You should get enough sleep for at least 6-8 hours per day. It will make your skin and body fully recover.

Note whether it or not.

           If you are wondering Acne on our face or not. Symptoms of hormonal acne can observe as follows:

  • Age is the age when hormones fluctuate. Whether it’s during adolescence Both female and male or during menopause in women
  • acne area It is the most easily noticeable symptom. Because hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands around the chin and jaw. therefore clearly observing on the chin or along the jaw line
  • The type of acne that is It is usually an inflamed acne or elephant head acne. to have bacteria accumulating in the pores This results in inflammation and pain.
  • frequency or continuity of acne If acne occurs in the same area repeatedly before menstruation Be sure that It is definitely a symptom.