‘Flick’ accepts that the Iron Eagles are not decisive enough

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Hansi Flick admitted to his disappointment that Germany suffered a defeat against Japan and admitted they lost due to inadequate decisiveness and personal error.

Hansi Flick has lamented his Germany side’s ‘bitterly disappointing’ 2-1 loss to Japan in their opening match of the World Cup

Germany took the lead with a penalty from Ilkay. Gundogan where they have more chances to possess the ball and the chances to score goals are overwhelming. However, they ended up not sharp.

Finding a second goal didn’t result in a shock as Japan scored late in the game to inflict a shock defeat on them. “Iron Eagles”

“We are very disappointed. Not just me “

In the first half we had 78 per cent possession and we should have taken the lead. While we were dominating the game, we had a lot of chances to score goals but we didn’t score. Japan beat us with more efficient play. the UFABET report

‘After the break we no longer had this game flow and did not play with the same confidence as in the first half.

‘We are now under pressure from the start. That was also the most important game of how you start in a tournament but we messed it up.’

“Individual mistakes like the second half cannot happen. Now we need to encourage the players back ′ ′ ′

′ We don’t travel back to the accommodation in a good way. We will analyze the game, but some things we do well. We have the quality to beat Spain, now we will focus on that one game.”